Supernatural director teases one of the weirdest episodes yet (and that's saying a lot)

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Dec 2, 2015

The CW’s long-running Supernatural is bringing back a fan favorite in tonight’s new episode, and he’s also keeping things running behind the camera.

Richard Speight Jr., who recurs as the angel Gabriel/The Trickster, stepped behind the camera to direct tonight’s installment. The episode finds Sam’s childhood imaginary friend showing up to ask for help (seriously). Which seems insane, but this series has managed to put out some of its best episodes with the craziest pitches, so this could definitely work.

In an interview with TV Line, Speight said the story is an opportunity to explore “Why Sully mattered to him [and] why Sam needed an imaginary friend," and also “What was going on in the family dynamic that was making a young boy lean away from existing family.” So we’ll be getting some flashbacks to a young Sam (played by The Returned’s Dylan Kingwell) and the imaginary pal Sully (played by Mr. Sunshine‘s Nate Torrence).

Of course, with this being such a bizzaro story, Speight promised there will also be some “fun, quirky, untraditional comedic elements” in the mix as well. The episode looks to be the weird one for the season (or at least one of the weird ones), so fans should definitely check it out.

We’d also like to have Speight get back in front of the camera sometime — we want to know what Gabriel makes of all this Darkness business.


(Via TV Line)

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