Supernatural producer explains how Sam and Dean might be their own Big Bads in S10

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Oct 7, 2014, 5:37 PM EDT (Updated)

Unlike previous years, the 10th season of The CW’s Supernatural will find the Winchesters dealing with something a lot more challenging than Lucifer or rogue angels.

This season’s “Big Bad,” if you had to describe one? According to executive producer Jeremy Carver, the brothers might be their own worst enemies this year. Considering Dean has turned demon thanks to the Mark of Cain and Sam goes dark to track him down, it makes sense this could be a good time to explore their journeys a bit more.

Carver told TV Line this season will be a more “personal” arc for the characters, as opposed to the apocalypse-level battles we’re accustomed to from previous years. If they pull it off, it could be a nice change of pace. Here’s how Carver described it:

“In many ways, not just Sam and Dean, but some of our other bigger characters as well, are all having to come to terms with their badness, as it were – or frankly, their lack of. All of our major characters this year are taking very personal journeys [about] what they need to really come to terms with, who they are, and that’s going to force certain decisions to be made that maybe they don’t want to make or certain moves or certain bad things that they have do, or frankly, good things. The question, ‘Am I my own worst enemy?’ is certainly a possible theme you could put to the season. You just cracked it! …

 will say that this season does not have the end-of-the-world mythology that we’ve had in seasons past, in terms of the Big Bad who’s going to destroy the Earth or whatever. It’s a much more personal road everyone is going on. As a result, it’s a bit of a slower build. I’m not saying it’s an uninteresting build; it’s actually really interesting. We’ll be introducing, over the course of the season, characters that are very, very, very personal to our main characters, and that’s all going to start to snowball into, ‘You are who you are,’ and having to deal with all this and drawing some lines. Of course, there’ll be Bigger Bads that emerge, but the central focus of the season is really on these personal arcs.”

The new season of Supernatural debuts tonight on The CW. Do you think the show can keep up the quality as it hits the decade mark?

(Via TV Line)