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WIRE Buzz: Supernatural restarts production on final episodes; Scare Me scares up trailer; more

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Aug 18, 2020, 10:25 PM EDT

The end of Supernatural continues to draw closer and closer.

Not only has The CW announced a premiere date for the last seven episodes of the show's 15th and final season — and set an airdate for the series finale — but Deadline is now reporting that the long-running series has also once again resumed production on its last two episodes (aka the series finale). 

This will make it the first Vancouver-filmed Warner Bros. TV show to begin shooting again, largely thanks to an agreement between the studio and local unions. 

Like many Hollywood productions at the time — including some of The CW's Arrowverse shows — Supernatural was forced to shut down production in March due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. With the series finale and the show's penultimate episode still unfilmed, the network chose to hold back the show's final seven episodes, so they could air together in the fall, thus giving the series a proper send-off. 

Other productions that have slowly resumed filming in recent weeks include Netflix's Midnight Mass, Sony's Cinderella, and Universal's Jurassic Park: Dominion

Supernatural follows Sam (Friday the 13th's Jared Padalecki) and Dean (The Boys' Jensen Ackles) Winchester, a pair of brothers who hunt demons and monsters, and try to save the world from all manner of supernatural threats. 

The final seven-episode run of Supernatural will kick off Oct. 8, with the finale airing on Nov. 19. 

Sometimes scary stories are just that: scary stories. Sometimes, they're something more. 

Unfortunately for Fred (Josh Ruben) and Fanny (The Boys' Aya Cash), the latter seems to be the case, as you can see in the trailer for the upcoming horror film, Scare Me

The movie — which will air on Shudder — centers on Fred, a writer with writer's block, and Fanny, a horror author, as they spend the night together in a cabin in the woods and try to one-up each other by telling the scarier story. Only as the night proceeds, it appears there might be some truth to their fiction. 

Saturday Night Live's Chris Redd also stars. 

Scare Me premieres on Shudder Oct. 1. 

A lot of film festivals are being forced to hold screenings online this year, and the Fantasia International Film Festival is no different. 

Among the slate of films the Montreal-based festival plans to show when it kicks off on Aug. 20 is The Block Island Sound, for which a trailer premiered exclusively on Deadline earlier today. 

Directed by Kevin and Matthew McManus (American Vandal, Cobra Kai), the movie tells the story of a mysterious force that hangs around the coast of Block Island, affecting its residents — people and local wildlife alike, as birds fall from the sky and fish wash up on the shore.

However, as the trailer below reveals, there's more to local fisherman Tom Lynch's (Neville Archambault, Kroll Show) strange behavior lately, and unless the family figures it out quickly, they'll all be in grave danger. 

The rest of the cast includes Chris Sheffield (The Last Ship), Michaela McManus (The Orville), Jim Cummings, Jeremy Holm (Mr. Robot), and Willie C. Carpenter (Bull). 

Block Island Sound screens Aug. 28.