Supernatural Season 13 trailer: There's a new sheriff in town

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Sep 14, 2017

Life on the road isn't getting any easier for the Winchester brothers.

The CW has unleashed a teaser trailer for Supernatural's 13th (!) season, and by the looks of things, Jared Padalecki's Sam and Jensen Ackles' Dean have their hands full  — so much so that a despairing Dean's praying to a higher power.

"God, we, uh, need your help," says Dean.

The less-than-a-minute-long promo showcases plenty of the show's signature action as the boys take on a host of supernatural beings and team up with Satan's spawn Jack, played by Alexander Calvert, who popped up briefly in the Season 12 finale and was recently promoted to series regular. After taking him in, the Winchesters will reportedly be guiding Lucifer's son toward a more purpose-driven life doing good instead of evil. 

But perhaps the biggest revelation of all in the teaser is the appearance of a dapper man in white who proclaims himself "the new sheriff in town."

No word who this bearded baddie is. But one archfoe purported to be returning in an alternate dimension and new vessel (played by actor Christian Keyes) is archangel Michael, who when last we left him in Season 5 was trapped in Lucifer's Cage.

Supernatural's 13th season premieres on The CW Oct. 12.

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