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Supernatural spinoff: CW boss cites creative issues as the reason it was shelved

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May 17, 2018, 12:21 PM EDT (Updated)

Well, it wasn't for lack of trying. Just days after announcing Wayward Sisters, its highly anticipated Supernatural spinoff, was not being picked up to series (leading fans to launch a petition to get the network to change its mind), The CW is finally explaining itself.

In a conference call with reporters at Thursday morning's Upfronts, CW president Mark Pedowitz said the decision not to proceed with Wayward Sisters had to do with creative issues plaguing the backdoor pilot combined with stiff competition from stronger pilots that ultimately proved a better fit on the network's schedule.

"We had really great material this year," Pedowitz told the press. "We're really excited about the five series we did pick up. We are big fans of the characters and the women who played the characters in the series, but we did not feel creatively the show is where we wanted it to be. We felt we had a better shot with Legacies."

Legacies is the latest spinoff to hail from the Vampire Diaries universe. The latter series also spawned The Originals, a backdoor pilot about a vampire-werewolf hybrid, which began airing on The CW in 2013 and whose fifth and final season wraps up this summer.

Wayward Sisters centered on Supernatural's popular character Sheriff Jody Mills, played by Kim Rhodes, who protects and trains a new generation of female monster hunters. The CW broadcast the backdoor pilot in January as a Supernatural episode, which averaged 1.87 million viewers, on par with ratings for other episodes.

Pedowitz noted that despite the show not moving forward, he and other CW execs are "big fans" of the female-driven cast, which also included Briana Buckmaster, Katherine Ramdeen, Kathryn Love Newton, and Clark Backo, and expressed hope they continue guest-starring on Supernatural.

But he elaborated that "he did not feel [the spinoff] was where it needed to be to go forward with it this year."

Wayward Sisters is the second failed stab at a Supernatural spinoff. The show's braintrust aired Supernatural: Bloodlines all the way back in Season 9, but it too was shelved while its progenitor continues chugging along. Heading into its 14th (!) season, Supernatural is now the longest-running fantasy series on TV.

No word whether producers will try their luck a third time. If so, here's hoping they take a stab at retooling Wayward Sisters for next year.

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