Supernatural spinoff Wayward Sisters adds first new cast member

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Sep 28, 2017, 2:05 PM EDT

If you’ve never heard of Yadira Guevara-Prip, it’s not surprising. The young actress’ IMDb page is on the thin side. But if all goes according to the CW’s plan for Wayward Sisters, a spin-off of the long-running Supernatural, Guevara-Prip will have a starring role helping slay all kinds of things that go bump in the night.

Supernatural is a series about two brothers and their allies facing off against evil, but in Wayward Sisters, sisters will be doing it (where “it” = “clobbering monsters”) for themselves. Guevara-Prip has been added to the cast of The CW’s backdoor pilot for the project. The episode, focusing on the female leads and new characters, will air in the upcoming season of Supernatural. If it's well received, Wayward Sisters will get a shot at solo glory the next season.

Guevara-Prip will be joining the currently cast Kathryn Love Newton (Claire Novak), Katherine Ramdeen (Alex Jones), Kim Rhodes (Jody Mills), Briana Buckmaster (Donna Hanscum), and Clark Backo (Patience Turner).

Wayward Sisters is about a group of women who have been orphaned after their families have been killed by the occult. The name refers to the use of the Kansas song “Carry On Wayward Son,” which, as anyone who watches the show can attest, is the closest thing the flagship series has to a theme song. And as the song suggests, the Wayward Sisters will likely being “carrying on” Sam and Dean Winchester’s work.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Guevara-Prip will play Kaia Nieves, a woman with supernatural gifts that she can’t control. We expect to see her get schooled in her abilities—if the series gets picked up, that is. 

Here’s hoping. But without that Tiamat coin, cuz that never works out.  

(Via EW)