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Supernatural star mourns his spoiler-y, final season death: 'He's selfless and he's true'

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Nov 6, 2020, 10:24 AM EST

The final season of Supernatural has the finish line in sight after 15 long seasons of Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) kickin' all kinds of paranormal tail. Obviously, things weren't going to be easy for fans. But last night's episode, "Despair," truly lived up to its title with a high-profile loss.

Spoilers ahead! Don't read any further unless you want to know all about what happens in "Despair"

The eighteenth episode of the final season was stuffed with stars (including Felicia Day, Jim Beaver, Briana Buckmaster, and Shoshannah Stern), but one of the main stars of the series met with an untimely fate. Or, perhaps, it was his time after all.

Sure, a lot of people vanished — and that's bad! — but nothing hit harder than Castiel (Misha Collins) sacrificing himself to save Dean. When Death (Lisa Berry) is actually knocking on the door of the bunker, well, options are quite limited. Love was professed, the Empty was summoned, and crisis (for Dean, at least) was averted. At the expense of Cas, however. It was a touching moment that delivered what fans were likely expecting from the final season: big time, consequence-heavy drama.

Collins himself commented on the story moment, posting a memorial tweet after the episode aired.

Take a look:

"Tonight, watching Cas talk to Dean," the actor wrote, "I got lost in the story and forgot for a moment that I'm the one who plays that angel and I thought, 'He's how I want to be. He's openhearted and he's selfless and he's true.'"

Only two episodes of Supernatural remain and fans might not be able to handle any more heroic sacrifices. As long as the Winchester boys are together, though, everything will be ok.