Supernatural star says Castiel will be 'put through the wringer'

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:16 PM EST

It's been a long, lonely season for the Winchester brothers on The CW's Supernatural—but their old angel buddy Castiel will be back soon. But how? Spoiler alert!

After seemingly dying at the hands of this season's baddies, the Leviathans, at the start of the year, Castiel actor Misha Collins will be back on March 23 for a three-episode stint.

Collins wouldn't say exactly what's up with Castiel's return, though he did confirm he will not be a Leviathan—but "he has changed."

"[With] Sam in really dire straits, Dean is definitely looking to lean on the character for help," he told TV Guide. "There's a kind of big experience that is being kicked off at the end of my first episode. Cas is going to go through yet another transformation and on to another kind of struggle and journey. Once again, he'll be put through the wringer."

Considering Cas has gone from an angel ally, misguided god, to Leviathan den in the past few seasons—who knows what the writers have cooked up now?

Though The CW remains mum on the chances for an eighth season for the show (ratings are down, but still solid by The CW's standards), Collins said he would love to come back if the gang is still kicking after season seven.

"There's no reason why it couldn't happen," he said. "I have been resurrected from the dead around four times. So no amount of death or destruction seems to be insurmountable in the Supernatural universe."

So what do you think is up with Castiel's return?

(via TV Guide)

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