Supernatural's Ackles and Padalecki drop intel on the Wayward Sisters spinoff

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Jan 18, 2018, 10:30 PM EST (Updated)

Here we go again.

Back in Supernatural’s ninth season, the episode "Bloodlines" aired as a backdoor pilot. The proposed series would take place in Chicago and focus on the growing conflict between the monster and hunter factions. However, Bloodlines never got picked up.

Flashforward to this week. Supernatural’s winter premiere, "Wayward Sisters," serves as another backdoor pilot. With Sam and Dean missing, Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) recruits Claire Novak (Kathryn Netwon), Alex Jones (Katherine Ramdeen), Kaia (Yadira Guevara-Prip), Patience (Clark Backo) and Donna Hanscum (Briana Buckmaster) for the ultimate hunt: to find the Winchesters. The goal is for a new series, Wayward Sisters, to emerge, and follow Jody as she trains the next generation of female hunters.

Last fall on the set of Supernatural, stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki spoke with a group of reporters about the "Wayward Sisters" episode, their hopes for the spinoff, and the possibility of crossovers.

What can you reveal about the "Wayward Sisters" episode, and how the brothers are involved?

Jared Padalecki: Episodes 9 and 10 are, we're sort of calling it a two-parter, though "Wayward Sisters" is more episode 10. Episode 9 builds up to it, and we see Sam and Dean in a situation where they are out of sorts and they need help. And so Jody is calling to check in, or maybe tell us about a case, and she can't get ahold of us. And we're not returning her calls.

So, she reaches out to her wayward daughter of sorts [Claire Novak] and says “Hey, I think something's going on with the boys. I know you're out doing your thing, but they were there for us when we needed them. I think we need to be there for them.” And so we get to see these girls flushed out quite a bit, and see what their world is like, and the return of some characters that we introduced this season with Patience and, obviously, with Kaia.

Jensen Ackles: I also love the fact that it's a direct homage to the beginning of Supernatural in how it's coming together. Because Jody calls Claire and says, “The boys have been on a hunting trip and haven't been home in a few days,” which is the exact same thing that Dean said to Sam in Episode 1, that Dad has been [on a hunting trip]. I love that aspect of it, that the genesis of both of them are very similar in that aspect. Obviously, the stories will be a little different, but it is this gathering of characters to go and save their friends. Or, their family. So, right then and there, that's a great foundation to build stories on.


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Would you like to do a crossover with the spinoff?

JP: Yeah. I hope to God to do it. We obviously are buddies with all the crossover gangs here. I think it's fun to hear them talk about, “Dad's on a hunting trip.” It gives me chills to hear. I was like, “I remember reading that in the pilot.” And Jared didn't know anything about Sam or hunting or whatever, but they wanted Sam to know, so they had to correct me a few times and be like, “Hey, this isn't a big surprise to you.” You know your Dad hunts. It's not like, “He did what? Remember, this your life too.” I was like “OK, cool.” Now, that it's flushed out, I kind of become a fan of Supernatural and as a fan of Supernatural, I would love to help it keep going with the Wayward Sisters and vice versa, and have them come back to our show."

JA: There's a reason that this is hinging around them, because they were [fan] favorite characters on the show. I know they're favorite guests of us, and when they get to come on the show it's really fun for us. So, in order to kind of keep that alive and keep those family ties alive, I would absolutely encourage those crossovers.

JP: And this is a really neat family that we're all a part of, but that he and I specifically get to be a part of, because we're friends with these women outside of set. We do conventions and we see them on weekends in different cities, and their loved ones and their friends. So, we know each other. It feels like they've been on the show for a lot longer than they have, even though we've done three episodes with one or whatever it is. It's like, “I've seen you a dozen times in a dozen situations."

JA: It's this community that's been together for well over a decade now. And everybody's really excited to be a part of this. I think if we can certainly help them get their foothold, then absolutely.

JP: I don't want to spend the rest of my life acting, but I would happily guest star on their show.