Supernatural's Alexander Calvert on raising hell as Lucifer's son

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Dec 7, 2017, 9:56 PM EST (Updated)

In theory, Jack Alexander Calvert should be Sam and Dean’s Public Enemy No. 1 on Supernatural. Sired by Lucifer and Kelly Kline, the human-angel hybrid grew into a young adult shortly after birth. The angels consider Jack to be an entity of immense power, with the potential to unleash Hell on Earth. Dean’s hunter instincts told him to kill this menace – before it was too late.

However, Jack’s father-figure, Castiel, believes he is possibly a force of good that could bring peace to the planet. Meanwhile, Sam hopes Jack is the key to opening a rift to the dimension where his mother, Mary, remains trapped with Lucifer.

The Winchesters essentially took Jack under their wing to keep an eye on him and teach the youngster about humanity. So far this season, Jack has continued to wrestle with his legacy, his emerging abilities, and what it means to be a human. Recently, in the episode "Tombstone," Jack accidentally Open eyeClose eye Show Spoiler killed a security guard … a traumatic event that could send him down an extremely dark path.

On the Supernatural set in Vancouver, Calvert sat down with the press to discuss a conflicted Jack, striking out on his own, and his eventual reunion with daddy dearest, Lucifer. 

Jack is obviously a valuable commodity. The angels want him. The new King of Hell wants him. How much danger is he in once he leaves the Men of Letters bunker? What foes are after him?

Thirteen seasons in, I think pretty much any time they leave the bunker, everyone is in danger at all times. It wouldn't be fun otherwise. Jack obviously having all these powers and being this important to everyone in the world, any time I leave, it's pretty high stakes for everyone. If the angels get me, what will happen? If Sam and Dean lose me, what'll happen? Who knows what I'll do on my own. Danger all around.

How does his relationship with Cas develop? Do they get closer or have any conflicts?

They're close because they think it's like meeting the only other alien. You're an alien on the Earth and you thought you were alone, but, then suddenly, there's someone who's actually like you. I feel like they have that unique bond.


Did seeing Jack’s own mother in an episode help him understand why the Winchesters want to get their mother back so much?

I think everyone on this show is dealing with loss in a way. And all the characters have experienced so much of it. Jack, even from the onset, is still dealing with the loss of never knowing his mother and his search for his dad. He is definitely connected to the boys that way, just solely based on their search for something. Seeing his mom was obviously impactful. He gets it.

Jack goes off and away from his family. Are there other characters he might be interacting with, or, is he completely on his own?

When Jack goes away from them, he's definitely on his own. It's about his search for his father and his search for figuring himself out. Down the line, we'll definitely see Jack interact with some fan-favorites, I'll say.

Can you speculate how Jack will react to coming face-to-face with Lucifer, given that he's turned his back on him and claimed another family?

I don't know. Number one, I hope the writers will tell me. I just think for him, it's -- even if you never got to meet your father and you took on your adopted family, there's got to be that curiosity and desire on some level to want to know this person, even just to understand who you are better. I think that's part of Jack's search.

Can you tell us anything about the episode you're filming now?

The interdimensional rift is something that Jack is really striving for, just to make Sam and Dean happy. He's definitely going to be driving towards that.

Your character has so much power. The way you describe it, he's doing all these things to try and please them (Sam, Dean, and Castiel). He's looking for a father figure in Cas. What happens if a character this powerful, and this insecure, starts to feel rejected?

Good question. I think that's a really dangerous place for Jack. The thing he wants more than anything is belonging. That's why he's attaching himself to Sam and Dean so much. He wants a family and he wants to belong. That's a great point. If there's that rejection, things could really go south. I hope that's not the case.

Last season, Cas decided to protect Jack because of this idea of Paradise on Earth. He saw a vision of that. Does that get brought up again? What is it about Jack that could lead to that?

I say this without knowing his entire capabilities, but Jack has enough power that he could potentially balance out these universes, all these evils, all these goods. I think Cas and Sam and Dean hope that Jack can maybe restore some sort of peace, I guess. Maybe be a counterpart to Lucifer in that kind of world.

Jack is such an unconventional character. What kind of challenges have you come across as an actor?

Imagination, I guess. I'm very cynical, so playing Jack has been really fun just because experiencing everything for the first time is kind of a joyful, new experience for him. That's been kind of challenging for me. I’ve enjoyed it though.

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