Supernatural's Eric Kripke developing new superhero comic (and TV series) Jacked

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Jul 12, 2015, 2:29 PM EDT (Updated)

Not content to keep on battling werewolves and ghosts, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke is branching out into superheroes — but it isn’t your average tights-and-flights concept.

Kripke has been developing the new comic-book series Jacked (previously titled Amped) for about a year, and he told The Hollywood Reporter he’s hatching plans to translate the franchise to television. The story follows a regular guy who gets a whole lot more than he bargained for after purchasing and taking a “smart pill.” The first issue of the comic, published by Vertigo, is set to hit shelves in November.

Kripke chatted about the differences in moving from TV to comics, as well as his hopes to throw out the superhero tropes and tell a fresh super-story:

“For a long time, I wanted to tell a brutally, embarrassingly realistic superhero story, where the hero isn’t a square-jawed dude, but a neurotic with a gut and acid reflux (or: me).  And so it made sense to tell that story in the medium that inspired it— comic books.  I also want to make it into a television series, but the comic gives me the perfect lab to explore the characters and the world…

I find that you really use different muscles when writing for each medium.  Screenwriting is based on time: the actor takes a beat; there’s a rhythm to an action sequence; there’s an emotional moment.  But comic writing is based on space: how many panels per page, what image makes the most sense in that panel, whether or not you present a big full-page splash.  And the two mediums don’t always translate from one to the other.  So there’s been a challenging (and fun) learning curve, as I’ve tried to figure out how to reach the full— and very different— potential of the comic format.”

Considering the comic isn’t hitting until this winter, it sounds like Kripke is still in the early phases of hatching this project for the small screen. But it’s ripe for the picking. Just put the pieces together: Vertigo is owned by DC, and The CW (home of Kripke’s Supernatural) is already playing host to a ton of DC shows. Plus, Supernatural is a decade old and still a solid hit for the network — you’d have to think they’d be open to working with Kripke on a new series.

Do you plan on checking out Jacked? Would you like to see it on TV?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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