Supernatural's Castiel teases he could be back for the long haul

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Dec 16, 2012, 12:07 PM EST

Everyone's favorite angel on The CW's Supernatural, Castiel, has been M.I.A. for much of the season—but actor Misha Collins says all that will change soon. Spoilers ahead!

After Castiel was shredded by leviathans at the first of the season, fans believed it could be the end of the Winchester brothers' heavenly accomplice. But then word broke that Collins would be back for at least three episodes in the current seventh season (he's set to return in the upcoming March 23 episode).

Now, Collins says there's a chance he could be back for even more, especially if the show returns for an eighth season.

In an interview with Zap2it, Collins said his upcoming arc does bring some much-needed attention to his character—and the door is definitely left open for a return appearance.

"You know, it was amazing when that term 'closure' was bandied about. Some fans that I talked to were upset that Cas didn't maybe get a proper burial or a proper period of mourning. I kind of don't really agree with that," he said. "I think Cas had been on a road of death, and there was a mourning going on for him for the entire last several episodes, which happened to bleed over into season 7. Cas, as everyone knew him, had been gone for some time by that point ... I think that Cas is getting his due attention at the end of season 7, if that's what [fans are] looking for."

Though The CW hasn't decided if Supernatural will be back for another round next year, Collins spilled that he has been in talks to potentially come back if it does.

"I would [want to be involved], actually," he said. "I had that conversation with Sera [Gamble] and Bob [Singer] recently, and told them 'Hey, just so you know, I would love to keep working on the show.'"

Sound off: Would you like to see Castiel come back on a more permanent basis if the show is renewed for an eighth season?

(via Zap2it)

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