Superstar artist Jamie McKelvie redesigns Iron Man just for fun

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Jul 3, 2014

If you're into Marvel Comics at all, you'll probably want to take a look at this. 

Jamie McKelvie might not be the most prolific or most famous artist in superhero comics over the past few years, but he's certainly among the most influential. After making a name for himself with creator-owned hits like Phonogram, McKelvie made an impression on Marvel Comics with work on everything from Invincible Iron Man and Secret Avengers to X-Men Season One. He's since also established himself as a promiment costume designer, having designed the new looks of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel, and the entire roster of the most recent incarnation of the Young Avengers. 

These days, McKelvie's continuing his creator-owned work with frequent collaborator Kieron Gillen (they worked on the excellent most recent volume of Young Avengers together) on the acclaimed new series The Wicked + The Divine from Image Comics (which, trust me, you should check out), but that doesn't mean he's lost interest in superheroes. A longtime Iron Man fan, he recently unveiled a redesign of Tony Stark's armor on his Tumblr. He's done a lot of high-profile redesigns over the last few years, but he didn't do this one for Marvel Comics (that we know of). This one he did just for fun. Check it out:

As CBR's Chris Arrant notes, the design is reminiscent of the "Silver Centurion" look Iron Man maintained throughout the mid-1980s, but it also sports McKelvie's distinctively clean, realistic style. It also omits the gold that's been part of the character's look for much of his history, but still maintains a sense of strength that Tony Stark would very likely be proud of. Whether or not it'll eventually find its way into Marvel's pages is anyone's guess. In McKelvie's own words, it's just a "quick redesign" that he did "before bed last night," but an artist like him can easily change the shape of a superhero with a little bit of effort. After all, he's done it before.

What do you think? Did McKelvie craft a good (potential) new look for Iron Man?

(Via Comic Book Resources)

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