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Survey finds MoviePass might lose half of its subscribers soon as company spirals

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Aug 29, 2018, 12:21 PM EDT

The MoviePass fiasco has been greatly documented, what with the monthly moviegoing subscription service facing devastating financial woes and chaotic shifts in plan structure, but now we’re hearing straight from the people who’ve been using it. And they’re not happy.

The Hollywood Reporter conducted a survey of moviegoers (about a third of which subscribe or had subscribed to MoviePass) with National Research Group about their opinions of the service and other, similar plans. This followed up a similar survey held by the same players back in March, back when things were looking up for the corporate Icarus. Now...well, we’ll let the numbers do the talking.

The results were another nail in MoviePass’ well-secured coffin, with almost half of MoviePass customers reporting that they’re considering canceling their membership (47 percent, with certainties on a scale of “very" to "somewhat" likely). Only 37 percent were confident on any level that they would keep their subscriptions. Perhaps the former group could use our guide to cancelling MoviePass? What’s very clear is that the dissatisfaction has reached a boiling point, with much of the strife pushing people to make the move in the last month or so.

"MoviePass’s innovation was offering the freedom and flexibility to see any movie, at any time, at almost any theater, for a low price,” says NRG CEO Jon Penn. “By constantly changing the terms of service — limiting which films subscribers could see and when they could see them — MoviePass has eroded brand trust and undermined their leadership position.” This completely rattled confidence has been seen in the stock market (MoviePass shares plummeted from $20 each to $.02) and now in consumer data.

Recommendation likelihood, overall satisfaction, and feelings of stability all took double-digit dips from the spring survey, giving competing services (which were still viewed favorably in the survey) a perfect market to enter.