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Suspiria trailer is possessed by Tilda Swinton

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Aug 23, 2018

How long before moviegoers are sufficiently warned about the Suspiria remake? It took more than the teaser. Hearing that Quentin Tarantino cried at the film didn’t faze them. So what could possibly prepare horror fans for Luca Guadagnino’s take on Dario Argento’s 1977 cult hit? Perhaps the first full trailer for the Amazon film will do it justice — or at least keep spirits high as the film prepares to inflict its madness upon us.

While thankfully not as downright juicy as the graphic footage released at CinemaCon, the trailer certainly points to a lot of moving parts with which to be concerned. There's the dance academy where Dakota Johnson meets an artistic director played by Tilda Swinton, who owns the trailer (and, we're convinced, plays the old man in the trailer as well — this “Lutz Ebersdorf” seems fake). She’s very definitely witchy — and the trailer provides ample evidence that the academy won’t stay murderless for long.

Take a look:

So no blood, gore, pee, or spit in this one. That’s a surprise. But there’re plenty of supernatural hints of magic, spirits, and otherworldly control over others as Johnson investigates the very spooky premises and discovers its three witchy mothers: Mother of Darkness. Mother of Tears. Mother of Sighs. Yikes.

Guadagnino just made a relatively mainstream splash with his adaptation of the romance Call Me By Your Name, so it’s clear that developing intimacy between characters is one of his strongest skills. How he’ll be able to use this for just the cruelest, grossest purposes in Suspiria? Well, thankfully you’ll have to see that on the big screen.

Suspiria slinks into its theatrical wide release on Nov. 2.

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