Sweet Dreams Cthulhu is a weirdly adorable, Lovecraftian kids story

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Apr 26, 2017, 12:53 PM EDT (Updated)

It’s not terribly uncommon for adult stories to be watered down to a family friendly level for kids’ books, but Cthulhu? That’s… ambitious. 

The new board book Sweet Dreams Cthulhu is a bubbly, kid-friendly adventure featuring the living nightmare. The Lovecraftian tale follows Howard Lovecraft as he’s awakened by his old friend, Cthulhu. Turns out Cthulhu is dealing with some bad dreams, so Howard helps him overcome his fears. The book is written by Jason Ciaramella, with art by Greg Murphy. It's a follow-up to C Is For Cthulhu, in case that wasn't enough adorable-ness.

The sample art looks positively adorable, and turning your toddler into a Cthulhu fan is parenting on another level, right? The book is currently on Kickstarter, available for $20 (or a digital eBook for $10). The book is set to ship in October.

Check out some sample art below, and enjoy your non-nightmare Cthulhu dreams.

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