Sweet/Vicious will be resurrected in comic book form

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Oct 2, 2018, 11:33 AM EDT

Television can be an inconstant medium. Some shows get canceled much too soon, while others seem to air in perpetuity, way past their original expiration date. Sweet/Vicious, a young adult dramedy that followed two friends seeking vigilante justice on the sexual deviants prowling their college campus, was one of the former.

We at SYFY FANGRRLS praised the show's merits shortly before the announcement was made that its network, MTV, had decided to pull the plug after only 10 episodes had aired. With the news of its cancellation, however, came a statement from Sweet/Vicious creator Jenn Kaytin Robinson that those involved in making the series would actively try to find another home for the overwhelmingly timely story of Jules and Ophelia.

Now that story will live on in a new medium, thanks to graphic novel publisher Black Mask Studios. Vanity Fair has exclusively revealed that Robinson and Black Mask are pairing up on a new Sweet/Vicious comic book, set for release in early 2019. Although the project itself was primarily spurred into action by the current news cycle and the U.S. Senate judiciary hearings surrounding Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court, Robinson revealed that Black Mask had actually proposed publishing a comic tie-in for the series while it was still on the air.

Robinson told Vanity Fair that writing the Sweet/Vicious comic proved a cathartic release while watching the Kavanaugh hearings and the testimony from one of Kavanaugh's accusers, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. "I was basically crying all day. I didn’t know what to do, so I started writing the comic. I was watching her testifying and him testifying, and in my brain I was just listening to Ophelia and Jules talking about it."

The upcoming comic will also tackle some of Robinson's story ideas for what would have been Season 2 of the series, in which the main characters decide to start confronting groups or organizations that enable individuals and thereby faciliate a system of sexual harassment and assault. "It’s the institution that allows for this to keep happening. Who is protecting these people? What can we do to help this?"

Ultimately, though, Robinson wants the Sweet/Vicious comic to be a relief for readers rather than a reminder of the weight of the world. “I hope it’s fun. Read it, and don’t feel weighted by everything that’s going on. That’s what the show was about—it’s entertaining, educational, and cathartic. Open this comic book, and you feel like you can escape into a world where justice is happening somewhere."

You can read the exciting reveal in full and preview some of the art on the upcoming Sweet/Vicious comic at Vanity Fair.

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