#SWisaGirlThingToo: Twitter users respond to sexist trolling

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Sep 15, 2017

On Wednesday morning, as happens so many mornings in the geek world, a lady sci-fi geek was attacked by a troll. In this case, it was someone claiming that Star Wars is not a space for female fans.

It's frustrating how female fans have to prove that they belong in nerd spaces. Star Wars has never been just about the boys; Princess Leia has inspired women young and old for decades. And now young girls can look to Rey, General Organa, Jyn Erso, and other characters as role modelsStar Wars has always been for women — we here at Fangrrls count ourselves among its many fans. There's some good news, though. As sometimes happens on the Internet, something wonderful came out of this negative exchange. Twitter users took this dejecting experience and turned it into the hashtag #SWisaGirlThingToo. Because it is

And the Internet responded.

The Fangrrls editing and writing staff even got in on the action.

Mark Hamill even had something to say. Not only did he tweet his support of #SWisaGirlThingToo but he's been following the hashtag and favoriting people's tweets supporting Star Wars' female fandom. It's wonderful how engaged Hamill is within the Star Wars fandom, but also how much he embraces all fans — including his female fans. (I am one. I am a BIG ONE.) 

It's frustrating and sad that we even are still having this conversation. It's ridiculous that the mentality that Star Wars might only be for men and boys exists anymore. But it's also heartwarming to see fans of the franchise coming together to refute it as loud as we possibly can. Star Wars is a girl thing. It always has been, and it always will be.

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