Swoop into these 22 weird and warty witch comic-book covers

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Oct 29, 2014

Witches come in all sorts of fearsome flavors and flight patterns, zooming over starlit skylines, transforming toads and casting a blizzard of sinister spells on hapless victims.  Comic-book artists over the decades have dipped into the vast legacy of witches for inspiration, and this cauldron-stirring selection of crazy covers features some of your favorite broomstick-brandishing broads like Sabrina, Mordred, Wendy, the sexy Scarlet Witch and even a sassy Lois Lane sporting a pointy hat, challenging the Man of Steel to a drag race in the sky.  Wonder who wins that wager?

So come cuddle up with a friendly black cat and enjoy this cackling collection of witchy comic covers from DC, Marvel, Dell, Gold Key and more.

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