Geeky Q & A: Orlando Jones

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Sep 1, 2017

As part of Syfy 25 – where we’re looking back at everything amazing that’s happened in the world of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror over the last 25 years – we asked a bunch of famous people what sort of geeky stuff they like. Here’s what they had to say.

Orlando Jones is an actor whose prolific career includes genre fare like American Gods, Evolution, Pushing Daisies, and Sleepy Hollow, among other things. Here are his answers to our important questions!

The one thing I geek out over the most is:

Science fiction. There is nothing more powerful than turning a “what if" into a "why not?"

The first thing I remember geeking out over is: 

Young Frankenstein. 

The science fiction/fantasy creator I most respect is: 

Mary Shelley. 

My geeky guilty pleasure is:

I have no geeky guilty pleasures. Why should I feel guilty? 

The current state of science fiction in three words:

Unknown, undetermined, adapt. 

The biggest genre game-changer of the last 25 years (story, scene, innovation, etc.) was: 

The innovation around visual effect and world-building franchises (chapter movie franchises a la Quentin Tarantino followed by Peter Jackson franchises). 

The best quote from anyone in the genre, real or fictional, is: 

What are you rebelling against? Whattya got? James Dean, Rebel Without a Cause

The best genre movie of the last 25 years is: 

Get Out. 

The best genre series of the last 25 years is: 

Rome on HBO. 

The best genre book of the last 25 years is: 

American Gods. 

The best comic book or graphic novel of the last 25 years is: 

Battle Angel Alita. 

The best video game of the last 25 years is: 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. 

The best genre theme song or soundtrack of the last 25 is: 

Tron: Legacy. 

A movie that desperately needs a remake is: 


On the flipside, a movie that should never ever be remade is: 

Back to the Future. 

The genre character I most admire and why: 

A Man Called Hawk, he was the coolest.

The genre character I most despise and why:

Jar Jar Binks & Kai Winn – a tone def step and fetch it science fiction character & a power-hungry Bajoran religious leader because ... reasons. 

The genre character I love that no one else seems to pay attention to is: 

Program Ram from Tron

If I could live in any fictional universe or reality, it would be:

Blade -- if I don’t have to fight vampires all the damn day long.

A scene from a movie that scared the ever-living sh*t out of me was: 

The advanced shape-shifting prototypical Terminator composed of liquid metal
from Terminator 2, aka T1000. An evil dude won’t die.

The most underrated sci-fi/fantasy movie of all time: 

Strange Days. 

The most overrated sci-fi/fantasy movie of all time is: 

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. 

The fictional character with the best style is: 

Mr. Nancy from American Gods.

The best Batman was: 

Adam West on TV -- Michael Keaton in the film. 

The LOTR character I’d like to be is: 

I f*cks with Gandolf heavy. 

The LOTR character I’d actually be is: 

Gandolf 5 [sic] Eva. 

If I could time-travel I would:

Not going back past 2000. 

The most unforgivable insult in all of nerddom is: 


If I could have one superpower, it would be: 

Dream giver.

Which superpower comes with the biggest drawbacks: flight, invisibility, or telekinesis?


If I were a hero my sidekick would be:

Hulk, cause it doesn’t matter if you’re green, gold, red, or purple. People are people. 

The Hogwarts sorting that would put me in: 

Ravenclaw – artistic & intelligent. 

My Patronus would be: 


On a voyage through space, my captain would be: 

Captain Benjamin Sisko.

If I could pick one genre vehicle, my ride would be: 


People in fantasy tales are always British because:

The “British” are true pioneers and engineers of human freedom that are deeply dedicated to making a better future. 

In a fight between Dumbledore and Gandalf, who would win? 


In a fight between Picard and Kirk, who would win? 


In a fight between Wonder Woman and Superman, who would win?

Wonder Woman. This fight happened already happened, 'cause Superman goes evil all the time & the Justice League comes and whoops his ass.

In a fight between Hulk and Thor, who would win? 


In six words or less, what words of wisdom do you have for fellow fans? 

Ship and let ship. Don’t stop believing. Judge not lest ye be judged.

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