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SYFY FANGRRLS Genrebread Contest: Get your sci-fi, fantasy and horror bake on!

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Dec 19, 2018, 8:00 PM EST

Ah, the holidays. A time when we drink too much, eat obscene amounts, and create seasonal decor that is edible but we don't actually consume, we just look at it. What we're saying is gingerbread houses are kind of weird and potentially a waste of deliciousness. So we're looking to make them WORTH IT with the SYFY FANGRRLS Genrebread Contest.

We want your best, weirdest, and genre-est celebrations of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror put into one delicious gingerbread display. The Death Star in cookie form with a gumdrop Darth Vader? WE WANT IT. A gingerbread rain gutter with a Pennywise gingerbread man and a candy balloon ready to pull Georgie to his untimely but tasty end? WE'RE SOLD. Use your imaginations and a whole bunch of royal icing. Get creative, and get baking.

To enter, build your sci-fi, fantasy, or horror-themed gingerbread creation. The gingerbread creation must be 90% edible, aside from any lights or minor decorative elements. Royal icing and/or sugar are required for assembly, and dowels or artificial supports of any kind are prohibited. Share your photo via Twitter or Instagram, being sure to @SYFYFANGRRLS and include the hashtag #FangrrlsGenrebreadContest. Remember to make sure you're not set to private or we won't see it. And, trust us, we WANT to see these delectable creations.

The contest starts now and ends December 28. The winner will get an amazing gift bag (worth an estimated retail value of $200) with swag from some of our favorite geeky stores and vendors, including Fandango and Entertainment Earth. We will announce the winner on Twitter and Instagram on January 3.

All right, FANGRRLS. Ready, set, bake.

For a full list of contest rules, click here.

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