SYFY Happy Hour: How to make your own Star Trek Romulan ale

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Mar 27, 2021, 1:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Star Trek's Romulan ale may be illegal in the Federation, but that doesn’t mean Starfleet officers never got a taste of the highly intoxicating alcoholic drink. 

As some of you know, the pale to dark blue liquid is so strong that it could even roll the stoutest of Klingons under the table. During Riker and Troy's wedding in Star Trek: Nemesis, Worf complained about the effects of the drink, saying that “Romulan ale should be illegal,” to which Geordi La Forge reminded him that yes, it was.

Still, in our SYFY Happy Hour video below, Tim Monaghan, SYFY WIRE's ambassador to Romulus, is on hand to graciously share with us the recipe for the illegal drink, which Star Trek: TOS’s Dr. Leonard McCoy used for “medicinal purposes.”

Of course, alien ingredients are hard to find on Earth, and having to cross the Neutral Zone to get your hands on them can be super dangerous. So we’ve done the next best thing: chosen ingredients found on our Big Blue Planet that will allow you to make a cocktail as close as possible to the genuine article, deliciously so. Check out our famous recipe, and remember to live long and drink responsibly.

(Additional reporting by Nathalie Caron)