Syfy prepping Southern-fried zombie movie doc Town of the Living Dead

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May 1, 2014, 11:03 AM EDT (Updated)

A few friends in Alabama have spent the past six years trying to make a zombie movie, and now Syfy is stepping in to chronicle the adventure.

Some aspiring filmmakers (and zombie fans) have been trying to get their undead thriller Thr33 Days Dead, based on a local urban legend, off the ground for years in the small town of Jasper, Ala.

Described as a “comedic docuseries,” the new Syfy series Town of the Living Dead will follow the crew of amateur filmmakers as they fight against the odds in an effort to finally lock a final cut of the film. It's kind of reminiscent of American Movie, to us, and it could be a fun mix of southern-fried sci-fi fun; at least that's what we're hoping. 

The plot sounds pretty straightforward for a zombie flick, with childhood friends Patrick, Jeff and Justin trying to escape the zombie apocalypse after a day at the lake fishing. The trio escape to the city only to find that it too has been overrun by flesh-hungry creatures. They pick up a few more survivors along the way, and then the battle begins.

The series is set to debut Tuesday, Oct. 7, on Syfy.

(Via TV Line)

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