Syfy renews Killjoys and Dark Matter for second seasons

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Sep 1, 2015

Deep space will continue to be a crowded place in 2016, as Syfy has announced that the freshmen projects Killjoys and Dark Matter will both be back for second seasons.

The network (Corporate owner of Blastr -Ed.) has officially renewed Killjoys for a 10-episode second season and ordered 13 more installments of Dark Matter. Both shows hit the space-set niche that has sorely been lacking the past few years, with Killjoys following a team of interplanetary bounty hunters and Dark Matter following the amnesiac crew of a spaceship.

Neither show lit the world on fire, ratings-wise, though Dark Matter averaged 1.8 million viewers (Live +3) and Killjoys averaged 1.5 million viewers (Live +3). But both shows proved fairly popular in the zeitgeist of social media, and Killjoys garnered a good bit of under-the-radar critical praise by the time its first season came to an end. If nothing else, it’s encouraging to see the network give these two some time to grow and find an audience.

Though both shows often hit on some of the same territory, Killjoys was arguably the better product of the two. The first season had great humor and action, plus it took a “show don’t tell” approach to world-building. It has that Firefly vibe, but not in a way that it feels like it’s trying to tread on Joss Whedon’s classic. If you missed the first season, it’s well worth tracking down — especially now that we know it’ll be back next year.

Dark Matter put up a solid first season but seems to still be working out exactly what to do with its amnesiac crew of mercenaries. It definitely had a Stargate vibe in regard to the look and feel (which makes sense, since it shares much of the creative team and some cast members). But it ended on a WTF cliffhanger twist that just didn’t really work. Here’s hoping they can pay it off in year two and get the story back on track.

Are you glad to see these two shows will be back for another year? Which was your favorite?

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