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SYFY Story to Screen fan film contest has a winner, here’s who will make the Expiration Date digital pilot

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Dec 5, 2018

Fans voted and SYFY listened. The ongoing fan film contest to determine which filmmaker would get to shoot a digital pilot for the sci-fi Wattpad story Expiration Date has found a winner.

Kristen Brancaccio has won the contest with her short “Resistance,” which puts a high-stakes spy thriller spin on the concept. The digital pilot will adapt Mikaela Bender’s sci-fi story, Expiration Date, for the small screen. The contest allowed fans to vote on their favorite take on the story from three different trailers by different filmmakers, with the biggest vote-getter landing a chance to make a full digital pilot.

Brancaccio’s digital pilot is set for release in early 2019, and SYFY WIRE will have updates once the project heads into pre-production. This marks the network’s first-ever fan-made digital pilot.

The contest is a partnership between online writing community Wattpad, SYFY (the parent company of SYFY WIRE), and crowdsourced studio Tongal.

Expiration Date is set in a future where all members of society are given a certain amount of time to live at birth — represented by an imprint in their arms (think In Time meets Logan’s Run). The story follows a girl named Iris who is “expired” but didn’t actually die at her preordained time. Iris quickly becomes a target of the enigmatic Society, which rules the people and decides who runs out of time and when. 

Expiration Date is the first in a two-part series on Wattpad. The first story proved wildly popular, garnering 16 million reads, making it one of the most-read pieces of fiction on the website in 2016 and 2017.

Check out Kristen Brancaccio’s “Resistance” below!

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