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SYFY's TZGZ snaps up Kat Dennings & John Cena sci-fi series 'Dallas & Robo'

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Jul 22, 2020, 2:08 PM EDT

Dallas & Robo, the animated Kat Dennings and John Cena sci-fi comedy series, is heading to SYFY as part of its late night animation block TZGZ (each letter is one after SYFY, you see). This YouTube Original acquisition is just the latest addition to the TZGZ lineup, which has been expanding since late last year with shows like Wild Life, Dr. Havoc’s Diary, and Hell Den.

According to a release, the eight-episode series about the adventures of space trucker Dallas (Dennings) and her robo-muscle, uh, Robo (Cena) will go full Futurama on TZGZ early next month. The animation comes from ShadowMachine (BoJack Horseman), series creator Mike Roberts, and showrunners Matt Mariska and Andy Sipes.

Check out the trailer below:

Ok, sorry, Robo is technically an AI. And a wrestler trapped inside a giant metal body. Just kidding about that last one. Expect threats like cannibal space bikers, other truckers, and dangerous vending machine burritos to pop up throughout the series, which looks to take the interstellar delivery business into R-rated Smokey and the Bandit territory. But if Burt Reynolds had a lot more circuitry.

Those looking to learn more about the upcoming slate of shows heading to TZGZ can check out its Comic-Con@Home panel on July 24. Dallas & Robo makes its SYFY premiere on Aug. 8 at "midnight-ish" ET.