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SYFY WIRE diving deep into the world of comics with Behind the Panel podcast

Dec 21, 2018, 3:30 PM EST

You know our Behind the Panel video series ... now get ready for the Behind the Panel podcast! Hosted by SYFY WIRE's Mike Avila, the podcast will cover everything comics as we speak with the hottest and most influential artists, creators, and editors in the industry.

The Behind the Panel podcast will kick off with a four-part series celebrating the 25th anniversary of Vertigo Comics, the imprint that expanded the appetites of comic book fans beyond traditional superhero fare with genres such as horror, fantasy, and crime drama. We'll be talking with the groundbreaking creators and editors behind iconic titles such as Sandman, Preacher, Fables, and 100 Bullets, including Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Colleen Doran, Garth Ennis, Jill Thompson, Brian Azzarello, Andy Diggle, Jock, Pia Guerra, Vertigo founder Karen Berger, and many more.

The first episode premieres on Monday, January 7, available wherever you get your podcasts. Listen to the trailer below!