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SYFY WIRE Happy Hour: How to make Nuka Cola Quantum

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Jul 8, 2018, 6:06 PM EDT (Updated)

Looking for a refreshing way to extend the Fourth of July holiday straight into the weekend? Welcome to SYFY Happy Hour, where we wet our whistles and pour out recipes for the best geeky libations with which you can fill a frosty glass.

Today we're headed to the Wastelands of the Fallout video game franchise to make their favorite berry-flavored, post-apocalyptic beverage, Nuka Cola Quantum. A pervasive bottled drink during the times before the Great War, Nuka Cola and its variants act as quest rewards for survivors as they play through the irradiated levels of destruction.

First introduced in 2044, Nuka Cola dominated the worldwide soft drink market until the atomic bombs began to fly. Now you can recreate our adult version of this thirst-quenching concoction by following these simple step-by-step instructions for the isotope-injected Nuka Cola Quantum cocktail below. Bottoms up!

Additional material by Jeff Spry.

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