25 years ago SYFY joined one hell of a universe. In honor of our 25th anniversary, we’re looking back at the entire landscape of sci-fi, fantasy and horror — and we're not doing it alone. We've enlisted some of the genre's biggest creators, stars and fans to share their memories and the impact of the stories we all love. 


SYFY25: Origin Stories is a collection of 15 podcasts hosted by sci-fi celebrity and superfan Adam Savage, featuring in-depth discussions with the creators, influencers and experts who have made the genre what it is today.

Sana Amanat

Ms. Marvel Creator, Sana Amanat, used her outsider perspective as inspiration to create superheroes that give every child a reason to dream.

Sana Amanat: A New Kind of Super
Sana Amanat
Rick Baker: Monser Mix-Up
Rick Baker
Star Trek Writer D.C. Fontana on Breaking the Sci-Fi Mold | Origin Stories Podcast | SYFY 25
D.C. Fontana
Jonathan Frakes: Hero for Hire
Jonathan Frakes
Neil Gaiman: Attack of the Milk Bottles
Neil Gaiman
Kevin Kelly: Does Not Compute
Kevin Kelly
Ron Moore: Fact to Fiction
Ron Moore
Frank Oz: A Flash of Inspiration
Frank Oz