Syfy orders a pilot script for DC's time-traveling Booster Gold

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 15, 2012

After getting gritty and realistic with superpowers on Alphas, Syfy has taken a dip in the other end of the pool by greenlighting a pilot script for a live-action take on DC's lighthearted time traveler Booster Gold.

Created by Dan Jurgens in 1986, Booster Gold is really a former athlete from the future named Michael Jon Carter who gambled on his own games and got banned from football. He stole some time-travel and crime-fighting tech from a museum and slipped back in time to the present, where he planned on becoming a beloved and well-compensated hero. Instead, he became a laughingstock.

Presumably the hourlong series—the pilot for which will be written by Warehouse 13's Andrew Kreisberg and executive-produced by Greg Berlanti (No Ordinary Family, Green Lantern)—will track Booster's transformation into the real deal.

This isn't the first time Booster has made the jump from page to screen: He also popped up in an episode of Smallville during that show's final season.

(via Hollywood Reporter)

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