SYFY's Krypton a 'gateway into the DC science fiction universe'

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Jan 11, 2018, 5:30 PM EST (Updated)

Krypton may be the story of how the universe is conspiring against the birth of Superman, but his outcast super-grandfather Seg-El won’t just encounter Kryptonians in his time-travel-fueled mission to save his home world from anarchy and chaos.

We already knew Earthling time traveler Adam Strange would emerge onto the scene. That was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con when DC Comics President Geoff Johns actually recited the first lines Strange is supposed to utter after he gets catapulted backward through time and lands on a long-ago Krypton. Hawkwoman, Nightwing, and Flamebird were also confirmed at the panel, where it was further hinted that more characters from the DC universe would eventually be leaping and soaring in.  

“It’s kind of this gateway into the DC science fiction universe,” Goyer told EW. “Because also the Phantom Zone figures into this show, it means we can delve into other times and planets eventually.”

Could those planets be Infinite Earths? CBR speculates that Krypton could eventually merge with the alien worlds of Green Lantern and Omega Man during its projected 7-8-year future. It’s not like they’re strangers in canon. Guy Gardner was locked in the Phantom Zone for what seemed like an eternity of torture after the Green Lantern Power battery exploded, and was left for dead until Hal Jordan and Superman (who won’t yet appear in the series but hasn’t been ruled out by Goyer) swooped in.

That may not necessarily be the angle Goyer and DC CCO Geoff Johns will end up going for. Krypton is not supposed to be a prequel, but an entirely new series that has the freedom to explore both entirely new stories and pages from the comics that are still untouched by TV.

“The time-travel element does give us some unpredictability and some creative license to do some stories you don’t know or stories that play out differently than what people might assume,” said Johns. So there could be a Green Lantern stint in the Phantom Zone. Or not.

Krypton soars into SYFY on March 21.

(via EW/CBR)