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SYFY's Krypton SDCC Panel blows open the massive conspiracy against Superman

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Jul 25, 2017

What if there was a conspiracy against you that could prevent you from ever having been born? If that sounds scientifically impossible, now imagine that a band of supervillains shatter the laws of physics as they rocket backward through time in an attempt to vaporize your legacy. Because you're Superman.

Krypton is SYFY's time-warping Superman prequel that explores the struggle of the Man of Steel's grandfather fighting to redeem the house of El from the shadow of shame with one hand and doing everything in his power to save the world with the other. Saving the world just runs in the Super-family's Kryptonian blood.

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"The show really is about the forces trying to destroy the house of El, both good and bad," said DC comics boss Geoff Johns, "but there's also another house that plays a major role in the past that is integral to the house of El, the house of Zod, and when we talk about the other side of Krypton and the house of Zod we’ll see [more of that]." And if you think you know the S symbol, the show will have some striking revelations.

Johns hinted at how some of the coolest badasses of the DC universe are going to come party in Krypton, along with Brainiac and the mind-manipulating tentacles of Black Mercy ... but so will a duo of heroes you wouldn't want to mess around with if you're trying to obliterate the line of El. Think Adam Strange and Hawkwoman. Spoiler alert from a panel that was in itself one explosive spoiler: Johns actually recited Strange's first lines after he lands on the Krypton of the past.

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"I'm from a planet called Earth, my name is Adam Strange, I come from a time long after this, and I need you to help me save the legacy of your grandson."

Johns also teased that besides Hawkwoman, Strange is just the first Earthling to zap himself to this past iteration of Krypton, and he is open to bringing just about any DC characters in from our planet. Not every surprise appearance comes from Earth. Kryptonian versions of Nightwing and Flamebird will be soaring onto the scene because Johns feels "that's a huge part of the canon, so no way we can't do that." He stopped just short of unearthing any more DC characters who will leap, fly or teleport in along the way.

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Something else opened more than a few eyeballs in the Indigo Ballroom that day. When Johns, showrunners Cameron Welsh and Damian Kindler, and breakout star Cameron Cuffe were joking around about leaving headbands out of the show (though you can't deny the coolness of Black Mercy headbands), someone let slip "no headbands till Season 2." Forget the headbands — does this mean the overlords at SYFY are already spawning another season? Speculation activated.

Krypton premieres next year.


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