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Taika Waititi filmed an alternate version of that Thor: Ragnarok post-credits scene

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Nov 8, 2017, 5:22 PM EST (Updated)

By now, if you've got your behind parked in the theater for any recent offering from the Marvel Cinematic Universe you know that you're bound to be treated to at least one post-credits scene -- if not two or three.

Spoilers ahead for Thor: Ragnarok!

Thor: Ragnarok is no exception to this particular MCU trend, and although we recently got a little bit of help from Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige on how to interpret the first scene that popped up mid-credits (to give you a hint, it involved Thor's ship running into another, bigger, much more foreboding-looking ship), the second scene that followed after the credits was a bit easier to parse through.

Need a refresher? It involved Jeff Goldblum's Grandmaster crawling out of a crashed ship with two of his female attendants and trying to appeal to the people of Sakkar -- who greatly outnumber him at that point and are slowly beginning to close in before the cut to black. As it happens, however, there was once an alternate fate considered for the Grandmaster -- but it was left on the cutting-room floor and didn't make it into the final version of the movie.

In an interview with Collider, director Taika Waititi shared that a different version of the post-credits scene was shot in which the Grandmaster and his right-hand woman Topaz (Rachel House) had in fact stowed away on Thor's ship with the rest of the surviving Asgardians and former Sakkarians -- but were forced to keep their presence on the downlow:

"That could be on the DVD in the deleted scenes, those two in the crowd of the Asgardians and he pushes through and goes, 'I've never heard of this Earth place but … We got to keep a low profile.' And they kind of put these blankets over their heads and disband into the crowd."

Admittedly, this alternate scene might have created an equally ambiguous destiny for those characters -- but the thought of them traveling to Earth with the rest of the group is definitely a more amusing one for obvious reasons. It doesn't mean that the Grandmaster won't reappear later on in the MCU universe, but based on where we last left him in Thor: Ragnarok, his odds aren't great.

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