Take a far-out, cosmic ride with a preview of Marvel's all-new Silver Surfer comic

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:26 AM EDT (Updated)

The Silver Surfer's back with a new solo series, and this time he's got company.

Marvel's launch of numerous titles that make up the All-New Marvel NOW! initiative is in full swing, and it seems like we're getting looks at new comics every day. Titles like Ms. MarvelShe-Hulk and Fantastic Four have already launched, some with a considerable amount of fanfare, but many more are on the way, including Iron PatriotMagneto and Silver Surfer.

Written by Dan Slott (Superior Spider-Man), with art by Madman creator and, most recently, FF artist Mike Allred, the series will begin with a very Doctor Who-esque idea: sending the Surfer off into the farthest reaches of the universe with a traveling companion, a young woman from Earth named Dawn.

“One of the limitations of the Surfer character is that, by his nature he’s alone most of the time,” Marvel Executive Editor Tom Breevort said in a press release. “So right off the bat, we’re giving him somebody new to bounce off of: the new character Dawn Greenwood. The two of them wind up traveling together, and this gives the Surfer somebody to bond with and relate to along the journey.”

To give us an idea of the kind of adventure Slott and Allred have planned, Marvel just released a three-page preview of Silver Surfer #1, along with Allred's cover for the issue and three variant covers by Chris Samnee, Francesco Francavilla and Skottie Young (who contributed one of his always-delightful Marvel Babies images). The pages are unlettered, so we don't get a taste of Slott's dialogue yet, but as any fan of his knows, Allred's art is more than enough to get us pumped for this book.

Silver Surfer #1 is on sale March 26. Check out the preview in the gallery below.

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