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Take a look at these two gnarly Decepticon "muscle cars" from Bumblebee

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Jul 14, 2018, 10:39 AM EDT

Transformers spinoff Bumblebee looks set to carry a sting in its tail.

Entertainment Weekly has unveiled the first look at some of the villains in the movie, two very gnarly Decepticon baddies to be exact, and we’re already getting a little scared for Hailee Steinfeld and her yellow friend.

Steinfeld plays a teenage mechanic named Charlie Watson in the movie, who befriends the practically mute titular yellow Autobot that has been hiding out in a small California beach town. But by the looks of this still from the movie, Bumblebee doesn't get to hide out for very long.

Director Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings) tells EW that these two main villains are "Decepticon muscle cars." There is also said to be a third, flying villain, which has not been revealed as yet (nor which actor will be voicing it).

The movie takes place 20 years before Bay's first Transformers film, in 1987, but these mechanical bad guys don’t seem to be too different from what we've seen in the modern-day-set films. Perhaps on closer inspection we'll see more retro auto parts and quirky innovations within the nostalgic setting.

Although it's being labeled a spinoff, it certainly feels as though this is now just the sixth installment in the franchise without "Transformers" in the title. The general feeling was that after five films, Bay's movies had begun to stall somewhat, so it will be interesting to see if Bumblebee manages to jump-start them all over again.

If it does do well, there has been talk of more entries in the franchise, including an Optimus Prime standalone movie. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura revealed last month that he's hoping there is life in the action series yet.

Will you be running to see Bumblebee in theaters? Or does it look like more of the same? Let us know below.