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Take a tour of the world's biggest '80s collection

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Aug 15, 2018, 9:30 AM EDT

Were you a kid in the 1980s? It was a pretty fun decade to be a kid. Being an adult in the 1980s? Uhhh... well? Let's not talk about that! Not when there's toys and board games and comic books and McDonald's Happy Meals!

And that's exactly what me and my horrifying mustache discovered when we traveled to the home of John-Paul Annunziato. I took a Lyft — just like we did in the '80s! Just busted out the car phone to call a... car.


JP has about everything in his collection you can imagine: piles of VHS tapes, just about every random #1 comic book issue you can think of from the '80s, He-Man toys, stacks of NES games, and, of course, cereal boxes.

Cereal not included. Would you want the cereal? It would probably kill you. The boxes are enough. Trust me, I've eaten old cereal in my quest to recapture my youth before and it is not worth it.

Anyway, I basically had a nostalgia orgasm with JP like normal people do as we pored through a little bit of everything '80s thing he has. Take a look and see if you can spot any of the stuff you loved when you were a kid and not aware of how evil Ronald Reagan was.

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