Take an easter egg hunt through the Lion's Pride Inn with new Warcraft footage

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Apr 25, 2016, 11:27 AM EDT

The massive fantasy epic Warcraft doesn’t actually open until June 10, but you can take a stroll through the insanely detailed video-game world right now.

Actor Robert Kazinsky (Orgrim Doomhammer) has posted a new set video from Duncan Jones’ adaptation of the video-game series that takes you on a tour of the iconic Lion’s Pride Inn from the game. From the layout of the tavern to the wanted posters on the wall, Kazinsky points out the extreme level of detail work that went into building this set. For fans of the games, it will almost certainly not go unnoticed.

Here’s an excerpt from Kazinsky’s comments:

“I think everybody’s who’s ever played this game has come here… There are so many little Easter eggs lying around, like at the entry there is a wanted sign for Kobolds, and that’s one of the first quests you ever do in this game.”

The film itself will be an interesting litmus test for a big-budget fantasy epic based on a game franchise. There’s no doubt Jones is a talented director, but this is a project on a scope much bigger than anything he’s ever tackled. It’s also a hugely successful video-game franchise, but you have to wonder how that success will translate to general audiences (for more on this topic, check out the latest episode of our Who Won the Week podcast). 

Check out the set footage below and let us know what you think:


(Via Entertainment Weekly)