Take me where I cannot stand

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Jun 4, 2007

When the rebel Independents (known as Browncoats) illegally and unsuccessfully rose up against the Alliance, we in the upper echelons knew that squashing the rebellion would be a problem. It is easy to kill people, but killing ideas is far, far more difficult. Even the Blue Sun operatives have a difficult time of it (and controlling them is another issue entirely). Containing the ideas of rebellion has proven nearly impossible. Even getting the television show canceled didn't help; it only strengthened the base of people allied with the Independents.

Now we have learned that the Browncoats are on the verge of successfully getting the word out via the fledgling spaceflight organization called NASA. Our attempts at stopping the launch of their primitive rocket by controlling the local weather have only been partially successful; the hail storm merely delayed them.

However, after some more thought, we have decided to let this go. The recordings being launched will only further show how useless it is to rebel against authority, and any attempts to censor it may result in further publicity for them, and a widening of the fan base.

Still, our Blue Sun operative on board the Space Station may yet prevail. Little do the Browncoats know she is with us and not them... even though she took the codename Suni despite our protests of being too obvious.

We'll see how this turns out, but we have confidence we will prevail. For everything there is a season, but for some things, they only get one season.

Tip o' the space cowboy hat to Interplanet Sarah.

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