Take a stunning, 360-degree tour of the Rocinante ship from The Expanse

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May 4, 2017, 3:29 PM EDT (Updated)

The Syfy series The Expanse is ambitious for a lot of reasons, from its grand political intrigue to the deep roster of well-rounded characters that populate its universe. But one aspect that might get overlooked is the set design — most notably the Rocinante spaceship our heroes call home. So, want to take a 360-degree tour?

In the buildup to Season 2, the network (Corporate owner of Syfy Wire -Ed.) has dropped a 360-degree tour of the Rocinante set, led by Mythbuster Adam Savage (a huge fan of the show) and The Expanse co-author/producer Daniel Abraham. It’s hard to grasp the level of detail when those corridors and corners are whizzing by on screen, but actually getting a chance to spin around and explore the ship is a true geek-out moment.

They put a lot of work into making this thing feel like a living, breathing space ship, and — for a minute there — it almost feels like you’ve stepped into the world of The Expanse.

Season 2 of The Expanse is set to premiere Feb. 8.

Check out the video tour below and let us know what you think: