Take off those funky glasses: Disney cancels 3D Star Wars reissues

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Jan 28, 2013, 6:09 PM EST (Updated)

If you were holding your breath in anticipation of more 3D Star Wars reissues this year, you can exhale now.

Deadline reports that Disney, the new corporate owner of Lucasfilm, has canceled the previously announced 3D reissues of Star Wars - Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sithscheduled for Sept. 20 and Oct. 11 of this year, respectively.

The official word is that the company wants to focus squarely on the new trilogy of films that will kick off with the J.J. Abrams-directed Episode VII, but let's face it, money may have something to do with it too: Last February's 3D reissue of Star Wars - Episode I: The Phantom Menace took in a paltry $43 million at the U.S. box office ($102 million worldwide), which we have to guess didn't seem worth the effort for the other two.

It's not clear whether the original trilogy will now ever be converted to 3D as first planned, although maybe if George Lucas had reissued those films first, they might not be in this predicament (just sayin' ...).

So now all eyes turn to Abrams' movie. Are you disappointed that we won't be seeing the previous Star Wars pictures in stereoscopic vision? How about the new one -- should that be in 3D?

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