Take a walk in Bruce Wayne's boots in new Batman: Arkham VR gameplay trailer

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Oct 6, 2016, 5:19 PM EDT

Ever want to slip on the cowl and cape and go stomping around Gotham City as Batman? Here's your chance to live the dream as The World's Greatest Detective in Rocksteady Studios' 12-minute advanced preview of their immersive new gaming experience.  Even though the true intensity of the virtual world is diminished watching it in 2D without the VR headset, you still get to relive the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, hang out in Wayne Manor, explore the Batcave, zip up the Batsuit, play with and calibrate your weapons, then set out to search for Robin, who has been reported AWOL. Understand that this video capture of the gameplay does not accurately depict the clarity of the VR experience viewed through the goggles, but it's still an amazng trip.  

Have a peek and tell us if you're psyched to suit up as the Dark Knight!

Batman: Arkham VR and PlayStation VR are scheduled for deployment on October 11,  2016.

(Via CBR)