Watch what happens BETWEEN the eps in 2 new Doctor Who webisodes

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Dec 14, 2012

Ever wonder what the Time Lord and his companion get up to BETWEEN the episodes? Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series came out today on DVD and Blu-ray, answering that question with two newly written scenes titled "Meanwhile in the TARDIS."

Written by Doctor Who show runner Steven Moffat himself, the two short scenes serve as a bridge between certain episodes of the series to show us all what takes place with the Doctor and Amy in the TARDIS when we're not looking.

The first minisode takes place between "The Eleventh Hour" and "The Beast Below," where the Doctor explains (or tries to) the TARDIS' appearance to a very curious and inquisitive Amy Pond—who is, by the way, still in her nightgown.

The second one takes place between "Flesh and Stone" and "The Vampires of Venice" (you know, right after Amy snogs, kisses, plants one on a horrified Doctor), and Amy finally gets to see all the female companions the Doctor had before her. Pretty funny stuff!


"Meanwhile in the TARDIS 1"

"Meanwhile in the TARDIS 2"

(via Doctor Who TV)

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