Talk about a replicant - these DIY Blade Runner figures look just like the actors

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Aug 29, 2013

We've seen some great homemade stuff in our time, but these Blade Runner figures are in a class all their own.

Mass-produced figures have come a long way over the years. If you've got the scratch, you can pick up a Sideshow statue or, better, something from the Hot Toys line. As amazing as those figures are, however, they lack a certain charm that comes from a single fan's love and devotion to figure crafting.

Enter San Francisco freelance artist Scott Petterson with a group of 12-inch figures that represent the main cast of Blade Runner -- Deckard, Pris, Roy Batty and Rachael. And these wax sculpts are true art. 

Blade Runner DIY is not an unknown market. For a long time there wasn't much out there in the way of official merchandise, so things like, say, Deckard's gun were obsessed over and reproduced by fans for decades ... which makes Petterson part of a truly grand tradition, which he adds to with incredible style.

Check out the gallery below and wish that these figures were yours.

(via Laughing Squid)

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