Talkin' Origins

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Sep 3, 2008

Michael Shermer, head of the Skeptics Society, is hosting a two-day conference in Pasadena, California, called "Origins: The Big Questions". It's all about the origin of man, the Universe, and everything.

Sadly, I can't go (it's October 3-4, and I am frightfully busy then) but oh, how I wish I could. My friend Sean Carroll (from Cosmic Variance) will be speaking, and he's very good. Also, Hugh Ross will be speaking. He's an old-Earth creationist. Yes, you read that right: he thinks the Bible should be massaged and twisted and strangled so that it supports the notion that it's still inerrant, but says the Earth is old.


So that would be a fun talk to listen to as well. And to top it all off, they have Mr. Deity speaking! OMMD*! I would so dearly love to hear that. The Mr. Deity videos are really, really funny.

This looks to be a great conference, so I encourage my minions to attend. If anyone goes, let us all know in the comments!

*MD = Mr. Deity, of course.

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