Talking bad with The Tick's supervillains, Jackie Earl Haley and Yara Martinez

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Aug 23, 2017, 4:15 PM EDT

All right. Enough nice heroes. And also nice sidekicks. And also, also nice sisters.


The new Amazon series The Tick drops Aug. 25, and we've been getting ready all week. As such, we know how nice people feel about it. Now, how do some monsters feel?

And by "monsters," I mean the actors who play them; Jackie Earle Haley and Yara Martinez are actually very nice.

But on The Tick, they are The Terror and Ms. Lint respectively. And they are not very nice at all.

It's hard to really know the mind of a villain. Unless they are contractually obligated to answer your questions without killing you. Which is one of the finer aspects of writing for SYFY WIRE, honestly.

How did they get the parts? What's it like having someone named "The Terror" as your mentor? Wouldn't it be better to be a beach-based hero with some kind of tiki-umbrella-related drinking powers?


But, for now, Jackie and Yara will have to settle for being the bad guys. And this is how they feel about all of the above ...