Talking representation, harassment, and geek women in media at NYCC

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Nov 1, 2016, 1:30 PM EDT (Updated)

Fangrrls was honored to hold our very first Women in Geek Media panel at this year's New York Comic Con. The event brought together a kickass group of authors, journalists and content creators to discuss their experiences across the geek sphere, including Sarah Kuhn (Heroine Complex), Jamie Brodnax (Black Girl Nerds), Connie Willis (Crosstalk) and C.A. Higgins (Lightless). The panel, moderated by Fangrrls Managing Editor Cher Martinetti, covered topics ranging from online harassment to minority representation.

During the discussion, panelists touched on the difficulty of navigating the shark-infested waters of social media as a woman. Brodnax offered some sage advice for anyone falling victim to online trolls, telling the audience to make the mute and block button their friend. She also discussed the way social media has helped her grow her community and engage in discussions about representation thanks to a series of live tweets, hashtags and Twitter chats. 

With a number of science fiction authors on the panel, the ongoing Sad Puppies controversy at the Hugo Awards came up. In response to the controversy, and to a question about how to create positive change, Willis said, "Personally, I think success is the best revenge" before pointing out that she has more science fiction awards than any other author in history.

But despite the hate and vitriol each member of the panel may have witnessed or experienced during their careers, positive change was the theme of the day. Each member of the panel had their share of encouraging words for women looking to embark on their own careers in the various realms of geek media. Brodnax, especially, lauded those surrounding BGN for being a "really positive community" where people were happy to find like-minded others who were just as passionate as they were.

You can check out highlights from the panel below.


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