Talking Tricia Helfer and Lucifer Season 2 with showrunner Joe Henderson

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Aug 2, 2016, 2:32 PM EDT (Updated)

The devil has a lot of issues. In Season 1 of Lucifer, the big theme centered around Lucifer's (Tom Ellis) quarrel with brother and daddy, aka God. In Season 2, the family's dissolution gets explored further as Luci must deal with his mother, played by Tricia Helfer, escaping Hell and appearing in the flesh. In last season's finale, Lucifer looks genuinely terrified that his mother's escaped, and there's a good reason for that. But know that even though she will be a thorn in Lucifer's side, she's not the show's big villain of the season; she'll have her own struggles and many layers. Aimee Garcia is another regular joining the cast whose character, forensic scientist Ella Lopez, will play to the silly side of Lucifer, but also has a side to her that perplexes him.

In the Lucifer press room at San Diego Comic-Con, Lesley-Ann Brandt hinted that there will be other worldly characters introduced at some point of the season from the comics by Neil Gaiman and Mike Carey, but her character, Mazikeen, aka "Maze," will explore her own life as an independent woman. Just don't expect her to stray too far away from Lucifer because of their history. D.B. Woodside told us that Amenadiel and Lucifer's brother will work together more and that being the son who has always done the right thing has been hard and earned him nothing. But he will learn that his mother, who he never really knew, will give him that approval he's sought, and that awakens something new inside of Amenadiel.

Helfer explained that her character's choice in taking her form is one with a specific design, but also presents some problems too, which we will find out. It's evident that this isn't the first form she's taken in trying to find her son and she could take on other forms as the season continues. The audience will soon learn from her introduction why she's here on Earth, what her intent is to reconnect with her sons and how she will butt heads with Mazikeen too.

Watch our exclusive interview with Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson below to find out more about the what Helfer and Garcia's characters mean to the story, creating a unique groove in the story structure out of the basic procedural and more clues about Season 2.