TAM 5 Report #2: Where I talk to Adam Savage

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Jan 22, 2007

I was going to write up some stuff about TAM 5, but instead tonight I'd rather cut to something cool: on the last day of the conference, I was able to get several people to talk to me on the webcam. I'll post one every day this week, and to start it off, I present you with Adam Savage of The Myth Busters!

Adam is as warm and friendly and bubbly as he is on the show. We didn't get as much time to talk as I would have liked-- we met at last year's TAM and got along really well. But we did get a second at the speakers' dinner to get a picture taken together:

Adam joked we looked alike and dressed alike, so we swapped glasses:

His glasses prescription is a lot more serious than mine. I almost lost my dinner when I turned my head.

Tory Belleci was also there. I met him at Dragon*Con last year, and we got a few seconds to chat at TAM, but that was about it. He seems like he is also a friendly, open guy. I wish we had more time to talk! I found myself thinking that literally dozens of times at the meeting. Anyway, here he is with Adam, as Hal Bidlack introduces them:

Gossip: Adam does a killer Jamie impression; I nearly peed my pants. He also intimated that there will be some shows coming up that I'll be interested in. Hmmmmmm. More news on that when I get it!

You can see all my TAM 5 pictures at Flickr. I'll be adding more as time goes on, so check back!

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