TAM London auctions and an award!

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Sep 18, 2009

The Amaz!ng Meeting London is now just a couple of weeks away, and we're busily working on making it a real extravaganza. I'm very excited about our speaker lineup and all the activities planned!

Tickets sold out rapidly, but we still have a (very) small number held in reserve for special events. One way to score these tickets is through a pair of Ebay auctions... but not for the tickets themselves. Instead, you can bid on a private session with skeptical musician George Hrab, or on a Moon landing DVD and replica newspaper signed by me. The winners of these auctions will then have the chance to buy up to two TAM London tickets. Both auctions close on September 22, so get your bids in quickly!

One big reason we're having TAM London in the first place is to promote skepticism internationally. To further that cause, we're opening up the floor to nominations for The James Randi Award for Outstanding Contribution to Skepticism (UK). Do you know someone in the UK who has done an outstanding job spreading the word about critical thinking? A podcaster, blogger, writer, teacher, whatever? Then submit their names online for consideration! Noted skeptic, psychologist, and TAM London MC Richard Wiseman together with the JREF will choose the recipient of the award. Hurry! We're only taking names until Wednesday, September 23.

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