Tatiana Maslany on Orphan Black's Season 3 stakes: Any clone 'could easily go'

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Mar 6, 2015, 3:50 PM EST

The new season of Orphan Black is almost here, and do-it-all star Tatiana Maslany promises the stakes will be higher than they’ve ever been this time around. Clone Club, things could get bloody.

The risky little sci-fi show has grown into one of the best (albeit brutally underwatched) programs on television, and Maslany told Entertainment Weekly they want to take even more risks with the clone-centric drama this season. They’ve started digging deeper into the conspiracy that was always in the background last season, and along with bringing in some new male clones this year, she said we might also be saying goodbye to a few fan favorites.

Hey, Maslany can’t play everyone forever, can she? Check out some excerpts from her comments below:

“I don’t want to really speak too much about how [the clones] shift, but it’s both external and internal influences. It’s things that are changing within them and it’s circumstances changing on the outside that change them forever. And I think they’ve all gone through that—all of the clones—but there are two in particular this season that were so exciting for me to dig into because it was so out of their environment and out of their comfort zone. I won’t say whom, but you’ll see…

Yeah, that loyalty to the characters is what excites us so much—the fans’ response to them and taking on of their personality as how they identify themselves. But I think what also keeps the show fresh is that all of the characters are up for grabs. As much as they are loved by the audience, and people have their favorites, they could go. They could easily go. And that threat keeps it interesting, and the potential for that makes it feel real and the stakes feel important. And we don’t just expect them to always be there.”

The new season of Orphan Black debuts April 18 on BBC America. Will you be watching?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)